Join me for the New Years Eve Magic Class, and attract more abundance into your life in 2019 than ever before.

Melissa Kitto

Join me, Melissa Kitto, on Sunday December 30th to dedicate an afternoon to making 2019 your most magical year yet.

I love New Years time! I swear there is a special magical energy on the last few days of the year. Do you feel it too?


I invite you to join me and 40 other spirit seekers to create a magical manifesting experience together this New Years Eve. We'll co-create the magic together!  

You are a magical manifestor. Let's use the enthusiasm and magic of the New Year to make it so.

There's no better time than the New Year to Create New Goals to Manifest, and practice tools that you can use year-round to live a bigger, more abundant life.  

If you've struggled to set goals before, or tried "manifesting" and "law of attraction" with limited success NOW is your time. I'll teach you a new approach that actually works to attract abundance to you. 

Goals can feel like pressure, and pressure will diminish your manifesting power. In the New Years Eve Magic Online Class, I'll introduce you to simple, practical AND yet still MAGICAL practices for bringing more of what you desire into your life

Let's take advantage of the inspiring energy of the New Year to acknowledge the best of your successes in 2018, and create a fresh start for even MORE goodness in 2019!  

Happy New Year

During the New Year's Eve Magic Tele-class you will experience:

  • Wrap up 2018 by acknowledging your successes. Take the best with you into 2019 and release the rest! 
  • Discover a new and magical approach of setting goals that actually works.
  • Magnetize your Future with Positive Energy. When you feel positive within you will send this energy out to manifest your dreams.
  • Get clear on what you desire to Manifest in 2019.
  • Learn tools to attract your goals to you, without the struggle of New Years Resolutions.  
  • Discover Melissa's 7 Step Manifesting Formula to manifest any goal you desire into your life.  

Sign up now for New Years Eve Magic.

Sunday December 30th, 3pm-6pm USA Eastern Time.  

You can join us from ANYWHERE in the world via phone or free webcast. (I'll be in New Zealand for this call, so no excuses!!)  

The class will be recorded and the replay provided if you can't make it live. 

PLUS, you receive FREE BONUSES!

  • 30 days complimentary membership in the Spiritual Expansion Community - a group for spiritual seekers who are ready to go deeper into their spiritual development & awareness. ($29 value) 
  • Free copy of the How To Communicate with your Angels e-book ($27 value)  
  • The 7 Step Manifesting Formula Handout (priceless! =)

AND ... the first 7 people to register will receive a private coaching session with Melissa to magnetize your manifesting power! ($100 value)

Investment: $85  


I just finished the New Years magic class. I really enjoyed it and served me so much. I especially enjoyed the past tense letter for this past year. It made me excited feeling that energy. What I would like to manifest just came up over and over. I usually have a hard time coming up with practical actions to take, but I came up with some good ones..  

For this year one of the biggest things I'm grateful for is to have you and the growth that I have made since being in the Spiritual Expansion Community and Communicate with Angels. I had almost forgotten that I didn't have these tools prior because they seem so natural now, but definitely grateful and huge highlight of the year. Alma Gonzalez, Raleigh NC